Participants have the option of being certified through two methods; a traditional model and a blended model.  During the traditional face to face course, you will receive all of your information and instruction during the allotted class time.  The blended method combines both an online portion and a face to face skills session.  The blended model allows the user to complete the knowledge piece of the course online and then attend a skills session where you will be taught the skills portion.  Those who are short on time or need to work within strict parameters usually chose the blended model.  There is no cost difference.  An asterick indicates those courses where blended learning is offered.


Basic CPR & AED*

Basic CPR & AED is for the every day person that desires or needs to know CPR/AED.  This certification is perfect for personal trainers, teachers, day care workers, nursing home staff, and anyone required to be certified in their current position.  This certification is designed for non-medical personnel.  This certification is valid for 2 years.


First Aid*

The first aid certification is normally added onto a CPR/AED certification but can given separately.  This certification includes skills of controlling bleeding, poisoning, splints, heart attack, stroke, and choking.  This certification is valid for 2 years.


Pet First Aid

Pet first aid is designed for anyone.  This is perfect for individuals who works with pets on a daily basis or the pet lover in your home.  

CPR & AED Pro*

CPR & AED Pro is for the medical professional.  This certification is recognized nationwide for medical personnel.  This is required for doctors, nurses, dentists, and EMS.  Some In-home Older Adult Care or nursing homes require this certification.  This certification is valid for 2 years. 



The lifeguard training certification is provided through American Red Cross.  This is a rigorous program that is completed over the course of 2 - 4 days, depending on the choice of teaching (blended or classroom).  The student must be at least 15 years old by the completion of the course.  There is a required prerequisite prior to entering the course.  All students must complete a 300 yard swim (front crawl and breast stroke), tread water for 2 minutes, and complete a brick dive.  This certification is valid for 2 years.


Babysitter Training

Babysitter training is designed for the teenager who is looking to start their own business caring for children.  This course includes basic First Aid and CPR as well as problem solving strategies.